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Games can add a lot of fun and excitement to any baby shower for a truly memorable occasion. Whether you are celebrating with large numbers of people, or with an intimate group of close friends, we have a baby shower game for you!

Explore our fabulous free Baby Shower Games on this website, including:

  • Free printable baby shower games
  • Uniquely designed baby shower games with an Aussie slant
  • Physical baby shower games
  • Art & craft baby shower games
  • Baby Shower Quizzes
  • Our favourite list of hilarious shower games
  • Baby Shower games based on traditional games, but with a twist

We also have a great list of prize ideas for your games - your shower guests will need some sort of incentive after all!

Plus, to make it even easier on you, we've grouped games into small-group categories (6 or less people), and large groups (18 or more people).

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